A Week on the Queen Mary 2

Sandra and Pat

Sandra and Pat

Highest level of the three tiered dining room

Highest level of the three tiered dining room

After the rough walking of the Camino and the week of touring Portugal in our rental car, the QM2 was quite a shock. We had taken a flight from Spain to England, then  the train to Southampton where we met Claire and George. The following day it poured. We stocked up on wine and crackers and headed, on foot, for the ship, the final destination of our nearly two month trip.

The Queen Mary 2 is an impressive ship, sort of like checking into 10 747s, over 2000 passengers. Embarking was pretty efficient, they mainly wanted our credit cards on file. We opted to carry our backpacks ourselves. When we reached our stateroom, our stewart greeted us and suggested that he would see we got the rest of our baggage as soon as it arrived… We had to inform him that we were carrying everything.

Our stateroom with an inclosed balcony was wonderful, the service everywhere was impeccable, but I only had two dresses, one short and one long that had been squished into the bottom of a backpack for many weeks. Thank goodness each deck had a laundromat. The ship is like a city with shops, restaurants, a casino, pools, Canyon Ranch Spa, workout rooms, theater, planetarium, among others. I took courses in Photoshop, Tom played poker, we tried to walk 3 miles on the deck every other day, three laps equals 1.1 miles. The ship’s library was impressive and a great place to sit and read while watching the sea. The seas were fairly rough, a dance show had to be cancelled. Tom wore his patch and I took the medicine.

At dinner we were seated with a great couple from Scotland, Sandy and Pat. I had gluten free everything. The food was excellent. There were shows, speakers, balls every day. We attended a couple of events. The on board actors performed The Merchant of Venice. I got my picture taken with one of the officers at a ball. We won a trivia game one night.

Tom’s wonderful brother, Jack,  met us at the dock, he was the second car in line, and drove us home to Northampton. I wish the house would stop rocking, I haven’t found my land legs yet.


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