Terracotta Warriors and Views

In pit #1. There are three. [Terracotta Army. Lintong District, Xi’an, Shaanxi province.]

Here I am at terra-cotta warriors workshop being “reworked”. Great tour!!!

We are in Muslim quarter again. Great fish. Grilled meat and ices. Xian is a very nice city. Chinese cities are remarkably clean and green but huge numbers of tall apartment buildings!

Lots of great parks with children and old people doing tai chi.

We are off to Shanghai this morning.

View fro our room.  So jaded we didn’t even investigate. Too many temples. Food at Muslim market superb again and cheapest.


Towers and Mah Jong

Saw this yesterday.

We are In Xian. Going to see the warriors. People the in group are getting ill, but not us. We went to Muslim quarter last night and it had the best food.

We are seeing a tremendous amount, but good with group rather ordinary. I took a Mah Jong class, which was wonderful. They had beautiful sets available, but no jokers. I’ll look for my own set in Shanghai.

The weather has been great except for one day. The tour is going at a fast pace and has been covering much of a very large country.

Yangtze River Cruise

Warm gorgeous time on our balcony on Yangtze River cruise. Amazing trip.

Pouring rain, but still fun. Played Chinese Mah Jong. Very fun. Beautiful sets for cheap with gorgeous cases. Only problem. No jokers!

Pedicabs and Fishing Poles


Monday morning

Went for a pedicab ride around one of the few remaining old “hutongs” in Beijing; next to an artificial lake where people were swimming and fishing. Quite interesting. Here is one of the fishermen.  Note the extremely long pole.

Pedicabs lined up in a queue in Bejing A fisherman with a long pole at an old "hutongs" in Bejing

Janice: Wonderful morning in old Beijing with a family of a local artist. On a lake. I “talked” with a pedicab man. Very fun.



Easter Morning on the Great Wall

Spent the morning at a Jade factory where they said agate was Jade, and both were very overpriced; then dragged Janice up to guardhouse #12 on the Great Wall which was very steep, then a mediocre lunch and on back to the hotel where we each had a tiny scoop of mango ice cream, for ten dollars each.  Exhausted.  Off to read and then to bed.  7:45 p.m. here.

A crowd on the Great Wall near guardhouse 12

The Great Wall

Forbidden City and Summer Palace

Janice (April 14): Tom looking over his new garden ornament, Forbidden City, Beijing

Tom looking over his new garden ornament, Forbidden City, Beijing

Forbidden City, Beijing

Tom (April 14): Still in Beijing.  Heavenly City today.

Janice was very sore by the end of the day from a lot of walking around the endless palaces of the Forbidden City, but a very nice day overall. Some of the people in the group are not very lively, but a couple of couples are fun. We took a video one of 13 similar courtyards!

Janice: Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City were fabulous, but HUGE! My leg got very sore. I got a cute photo with an old Chinese man. There were huge crowds of interesting-looking people. I’ve been writing a lot in my journal.


Photo with Janice sitting beside old Chinese man


Tom (April 15): Air has been pretty clear, bright sunny and hot.  Going through gates into Summer Palace was like trying to swim through a river of people that was at flood stage.  Going to Great Wall today.

Profile in front of the Temple of Heaven

In front of the Temple of Heaven

Tienamin square

The Chinese Trip Begins

We started our trip in Beijing on Thursday, 1:02 a.m., eastern standard time, after a long, 13-hour flight.

We first found ourselves in Bejing having drinks at our hotel watching a busker play a traditional instrument.

As I texted the girls, “Going to be 80 tomorrow. Glad I brought long sleeves!”

Tomorrow we walk all over the major sites. Tom already had a woman asked to be photographed with him, which was very funny to us.