April 19 on the Yangtze River

A few people in our tour have come down with a rather virulent form of the trots. The local cruise ship doctor has been called in and he’s treating them with intravenous drips of saline. Tom and I have been careful, even brushing our teeth with bottled water.

Awoke to clouds and rain. Donned raincoats and walked into town to see the Red Pagoda. This small town boasts 18,000 inhabitants, 16,000 if whom are trying to sell us tourist items along the flooded streets. Managed to get some photos, then over the swinging bridge to the Red Pagoda. Originally the devotees scaled the rock face to the temple but the red pagoda was built to get people to the top. We climbed the steep ladders to the summit where Tom found broken canon from the 13 century. 

Lots of statues of Buddhist gods, Many Chinese women kneeling on the pillows provided to pray and dropping coins into collection boxes. 

The walk back to the ship, we ran the gauntlet between aggressive, desperate shop keepers. I bought a couple of gifts. Woman complained that I bargained too hard. Found a beautiful Mah Jong set in a lacquered box for $30. but no jokers so we can;t use it here.


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