Beijing Day 2

Another great breakfast at the Novotel Peace Beijing Hotel after a disappointing dinner that featured the enormous lazy Susans that continued to dominate our meals with the entire 30 member group. Visited Temple of Heaven where we found citizens, mostly older, doing their daily exercises, a feature of Chinese city life we found. Joined in a bit to stretch my legs after the long day of the Square and the Forbidden City. Watched dance teacher, amazing man. All ‘classes’ provided for free everyday.

Walked through a forest of tree peonies and raised beds of flowers to temple where emperor prayed for good harvest. Hot and sunny again on this day with clear, blue sky.

On to pearl factory staffed with aggressive salesgirls. Another hotel lunch, better,  then on to Summer Palace. Huge crowds of mostly Chinese tourists near a lake. Hard to walk. Watched a Chinese scholar “writing” a poem with water in patio stones. Evaporating ancient poem. A statement about life? Boat ride back to other side of lake. Always following tour guide, Michael’s flag. Feel a bit like lemming.


One of thousands of peasants hired to clean streets which are spotless


Free dance class in park with amazing teacher


Temple of Heaven


Walk in Summer Palace


Boat in lake


Pearl Factory


One thought on “Beijing Day 2

  1. ?Dear Janice,

    Thank you for the trip reports, which I am enjoying very much. Love, Jack


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