The Cruise on the Yangtze River Begins

Tom in front of a boat that was sailed by costumed tribal men.

Costumed actresses who acted out a local wedding

“Hanging coffins” Wooden coffins wedged into cliffs high above the river.

bamboo water wheel

Denizens of the mountainous area, kept in check by park’s people’s husky dogs

Our flight to the cruise ship was delayed on the tarmac so we reached the river in the dark. The ship was elegant, reminiscent of the Queen Mary but a stepped down Chinese version, full of loud Chinese tourists. They seem to have a lot of fun that started in the narrow hallways between the staterooms at around 6 am.  After a mediocre breakfast, visited a Disney type set up of “the local, tribal people who once lived in the Gorge.” Even though the scenes were staged, the place was gorgeous, the day magical and it worked for us and the hordes of Chinese tourists streaming down the walkways built on the walls of the gorge.

Our ship, The President, on the Yangtze River


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