The Great Wall

Trip to the Great Wall interrupted by visit to Jade Factory. Interesting but really expensive items. Tom spotted “red” Jade and insists it is  agate, a type of quartz. Bought small Buddha pendant, cheapest thing I could find.

The Wall is, like everything in China, enormous. Crowds of Chinese tourists crowd he base but they thin out as wall snakes steeply into scrubby mountains, studded with towers.

Great Wall of China

The wall

Great Wall of China

On the wall

Tom and I climbed to the highest point in this section. Will not be able to walk tomorrow! Very high with irregular stone steps. Modern railings help.

Proceeded to the Street of Tombs, an interesting walk studded with huge stone statues but the tombs are buried far away in the hills. Much of the treasures here have not been uncovered yet.

Lunch was disappointing, served in a large dining room at a hotel. The guide told us we were served by a North Korean waitress in training who wore a loyalty pin on her uniform, Odd.


Jade factory

The Wall from below

On the Street of the Tombs

On the Street of the Tombs


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