Flight to Shanghai seriously delayed because the Chinese government was trying out take offs and landings for the largest passenger plane in the world that they just developed. Big news around the world. They were carrying a bunch of pilots and engineers.


Tom looking at temple drawing

Rode fastest train in the world a short distance into town from airport. China always has the biggest, the fastest. Ride was seven minutes. Visited another temple.





Walk on Bund

Shanghai skyline

Night cruise

View from night cruise

Crowds in downtown Shanghai

Eating at upstairs dumpling place. Very typical

Visited crowded downtown area, ate at typical dumpling restaurant. Walked the bund. A very hot, sunny day. Exhausted by the time we reached very nice Marriott Courtyard Hotel. Dinner, then went on night cruise around harbor. EXTREMELY crowded boat dock. Hundreds of Chinese tourists pushing, pushing. Our local guide, Leo, had some cousin or uncle in the cruise company and secured us the VIP suite with sofas and a bar at the front of the boat. Real posh. As one woman said, “I could get used to this.”


2 thoughts on “Shanghai

  1. Ok. That is now going on my bucket list. Awesome. Your pictures are perfect. Dave and I are so glad that you are having so much fun. Travel safely. Hugs. Cathi

  2. ?Dear Janice,

    I continue to enjoy your posts.

    One correction: the new Chinese passenger plane is not close to being the largest passenger plane in the world. The technology is years behind Boeing and AirBus. Jack


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