On the evening of April 23 Carol, Tom and I did anther runner. The tour was going to a show and I had read my guidebook. Must see Tianzifang. I asked at the hotel desk and they wrote it in characters, provided me with a card that said in Chinese “take me back to this hotel,” secured a price about $6., and hailed us a cab.

I was very unsure of what I had gotten us into but the cabbie seemed to know. We traveled way across the city to another very nice district. The place we were looking for was a warren of streets entered through an arch that reminded me of going into a suk in the Middle East. Turned out to be a twisting, turning series of marvelous shops, small restaurants, snack places, and ice cream shops.

We had a wonderful quiet dinner of pork and beef with clam broth, hot sake and ice cream for dessert. Carol bought a wonderful jade bracelet but the shop keeper couldn’t take her credit card. The store man across the alley said he could but he needed to go to the place where the machine was located. He took off running with Carol behind him when she remembered the fatal words of our guide, “never follow anyone into an unknown area.” But the adventure turned out okay. The man had a machine, he returned Carol to us, and she had her beautiful bracelet.

I found wonderful red shoes but the largest size was 7 and I wear an 8. Chinese clothes and shoes do not fit American bodies.

Cab back to hotel without incident. Wonderful time and great food.


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