April 28

Woke up with Reiko and Isao talking loudly in the next room. Thought it was odd. Went to the bathroom to deal with the space age toilet that I will explain later. Instructions all in Japanese characters. When I returned Reiko commented on the beautiful day. I still didn’t get it until she mentioned that breakfast was in two minutes but that they could easily change it. Apparently, traditional Japanese breakfasts are arranged, so Tom and I flashed into action and we were ready in five.

Our breakfast tray

Breakfast clam shells with broth, scallops, onions and eggs on individual burners

No coffee for poor Tom although we smelled coffee in the lobby as we scurried past. A female waitress brought us elaborate clam shells filled with broth, scallops and onions set over individual burners into which she poured a egg mixture. Ours were great but Isao’s over overcooked. So another clam shell appeared and this was really undercooked, probably just out of the freezer as scallops are not native to this area. Everything else was fine, and we did get coffee brought specially as well as rice, some pickles and other Japanese breakfast foods. Many courses later we repaired to our room to pack for the journey home.

Local train station in ski country

Inside a local train station

Woman with a nice jacket

On the shuttle to the small local train I spotted a seed store. As a gardener I was interested but we had to make the bullet train to Tokyo. (Seed venture to be continued…)


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